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Who doesn’t want a free Pirate Pinata… yeah it’s used… but deal with it… it’s a free pirate… AND it’s 3 bags of GoldenBall BB’s stuffed in it! Oh, yeah and it’s autographed by your two favorite AMS TV “Jerks” David and Vince! um… yer welcome!


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  1. Tristin says:

    Arrr, ye scaly-wags i want that bloody pinata and ther rest of er booty!

  2. Redwolf698 says:

    What ARE ya talking about? That there captain has a hole in his face, ya land lubbers!

  3. blackhawk says:

    aarrgg, give me the booty or off the plank to ya!

  4. I love da booty. Capn’ Humpleg ‘n me arrr off to tortuga fer da lassys. We jus could chug a whole gallon o rum fer da joy off it.

  5. Rob Barnes says:

    YARGGGGGG!!! If ya doont give me yer booty ill make you walk the plank into shark infested waters, colder than the antarctic! Be sure to keep me lad the pinata in “holy” condition as we wouldnt want to deal with a haunted, BB filled, target!

  6. Elliott says:

    Shivver me tembers Belay that airsoft gun hurt!!!

  7. Chris says:

    Arrgh…. me thoughts you would stuff some gold in that piñata instead

  8. Alex Nardi says:

    Arrrggg! This scurvy-dog shall make a mighty fine member of my crew! I will set him in charge of cleaning me poopdeck while I’s drink me rum! harharhar!

  9. jacob says:

    arrg avast ye land lobbers blimy ye are very sea sick soo please let me win matty.

  10. Brandon Phenicie says:

    ye best be getting that booty on my vessel before Jack Sparrow shows up

  11. Kevin Orley says:

    We did a pirates vs ninjas airsoft game. We should have taken video. Darn

  12. andrewoxide says:

    so thar be a new pirate movie! i think its gonna be raded aaaaarrrrrrrrr!!!!!

  13. andrewoxide says:

    arrrg this be a much more fine challenge than those other scallywags. they should walk the plank. if i win ill make my mateys scrub the poop deck. shiver me timbers avast i will win thar challenge. ahoy good luck

  14. andrewoxide says:

    arrrrrr if u mateys let me win ill take yar black beard and save yar, but if you dont ill put in the hogshead and make walk thar plank into yeaa shark infested waters, say hello to davey jones locker yar matey
    ps dont forget to scrub yar poopdeck to get all yar salmigundi off!!!

  15. andrewoxide says:

    arg i think that be of jack sparrow with a hole in his face ar

  16. andrewoxide says:

    arggg those bbs will go good with my electric jg that i bought from u guys before i take a caulk me bootys arrrrrr goood so is arrrrsoft

  17. Ye better give me the swag or else ill skin ye alive and take all you booty argn leave a bloody bullet in your un-piratey head

  18. josh browning says:

    where did you get your navy seal suit i can’t find one anywhere

    • William Golding says:

      G-Force “DPB” Tactical Airsoft Full Face Mask / Balaclava with Integrated Proprietary Mouth Guard – Patent Pending Design – Black

      Diamond Tactical Urban Assault Ultra Padded Special Forces NyLex Gloves – Black

      Diamond Tactical MOLLE StrikeForce Modular Plate Carrier Loaded w/ 6 Integrated Pouches & Armor Plate Ready – Ultra High Quality Operator Grade 600D Rugged Construction – BLACK

      Condor Outdoor Tactical PHANTOM Soft Shell Jacket #606 – BLACK

  19. raymond says:

    Well ye b a good prize me bird thinks it should looks more like johnny depp though AAAAAARRRRRHHHHHGGGG!!!

  20. Graham says:

    I like some good booty!!!!!!

  21. Jake says:

    Ahoy! You two lubbers best be gettin’ to sendin me yer booty avast! Me beauty will love it Arrrr! Or ye shall walk the plank with the rest of ye scallywags Aye!

  22. Matt says:

    Yarg! Walk the plank right in der ambush!
    Release the kraken upon these noobs!

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