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“Pirate” the AMS TV Target Pinata is ready to take an early retirement… wouldn’t you love it if “Pirate” moved in with you? He’s smuggling not 1, not 2, but 3 bags of .25gram Goldenball BB’s inside of him for the lucky winner!


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  1. Josh Grimmer says:

    ARRR and behold! I shall organize a boarding party to the dreaded island the Megastorians have marooned thee on! I shall ride my dreadnuahgt “The Space Elk” on high tide to rescue thee matey from your captors iron clutches. Ahoy, I set sail with my merry crew, destined for you and your bootey of BBS that we shall load into thine cannons or air soft to blast away all land lubbers that dare oppose us. Aye, together we will rule the high seas and pillage and plunder all who stand before us, till scurvy be the best of us! Be ready, oh filthy captain, for we beckon to you!

  2. Doan Nguyen says:

    Arrr, I got room for thee w/ a bag of BBs.

  3. Adrian Brasi says:

    Yarrgh! Why no free rum?!?!

  4. Boyd Nixon says:

    arrgggghhhh, i gonna steal blasted josh grimmers boat, women, and weapons, and take over the world, muwhahaha, and the bbs.

  5. salvatore.c says:

    arrrggg, shiber me timbers. shiber me timbers. i see a booty full of bbs in yee future.

  6. jeff says:

    yarr, youll be walking the plank for ye bb’s

  7. max McLiney says:

    arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ahoy me harty I have one ship and im looking for me crew to sail the seas and i thought You would be most greatful so once you scally wag make up ye mind if you do ye have to bring ye own ammunition and have some type of wound we shall sail the seas and conchur ships and become rich and do ye want to know were we shall get this money we shall get it from ye landlubbers

  8. Kyle Woodward says:

    Suddenly your like a pirate Arrrrrrrrrr , your 65 years old and with an earring Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  9. marty lang says:


  10. Bryce says:

    Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrg! Mates we need those bbs to defend our ship!!!!!

  11. Airsoft awesomeness says:

    Arrrrr, I wnt yer sack o bounty bbs, give erm to mah befor I make yer walk de PLANK. Yarrrr ha ha har. Me want dat nw crw member. And he’s sack o GOLDEN BBS GOLD HAR AHR AHR HAR.


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