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In this Ask the Experts Segment, David answers Brian’s question; “Will Crossman BB’s damage my AEG?”

For more detailed information on the right BBs for your Airsoft gun, read our super-informative picture filled Guide to Good BBs:


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11 Responses so far.

  1. Adam says:

    I use walmart 25. gram bb’s in my sniper and i tried to crush them with my cowboy boot! They still didn’t break and I am a heavier person, but still didn’t break! If you don’t know how a cowboy boot is, it has a heel the is very rememerable when it impacts something else. I’m not fat either just kind of mid weight.

    • trev says:

      dont use them they rnt strong enough too test bbs use a sledge hammer i use a 4 lb and drop it on the from 5ft and i use ahigh powered sniper to so now i only use the .32 gram alumim bbs

      • Mark says:

        aluminum BBs do more damage to your sniper. only use them in BB guns, which are completly different then a airsoft gun. the can make you bleed, and can possibly kill a person. so plastic .32 or .25′s are best. use king arms or that other great company. i forgot their name

    • Rizal says:

      Wanna use them till you say “what the hell am I thinking”? Go ahead, just don’t expect the airsoft megastore will give you another Sniper for free

    • Colby says:

      Your cowboy boot is made of rubber. I just tested them with a hammer and they shatterd. Yes the ones you said you use.

      • Peters says:

        yes but how often do your bbs face conditions similar to hammering them off of (what im assuming is) concrete? im just saying that hammering them isnt very realistic compared to what you would face inside of your gun

    • corey jones says:

      ya I got some Crossman .2 grain bio degrades and I smashed them with a hammer and they did the same thing them golden balls did I don’t wana have to buy my bbs online all the time and wait till they come from the other side of the country

  2. mega airsofter says:

    hey airsoft megastore i have not encountered any problems with crossman bbs. i would kind of like to see how much more accruate and powerful your goldenball bbs are but they are relitivly expensive! i think a lot more people would buy these bbs if they knew how good they were. if you could have a free sample of them like 100 or so that would be nice

  3. Champion Prevails says:

    Hey. Would Gamo PBA armor piercing pellets and 6mm bb pellets mess up my AEG rifle?

  4. Peters says:

    the real title should be “dont use walmart .12s” on numerous occasions i have found bb sized plastic cubes in my container of .12 bbs however not once have i ever found problems with my walmart/crossman .20s and .25s. Also i wouldnt suggest using marking bbs the dust they leave in your gun can eventually screw it up unless you frequently clean the insides. im not a professional these are just my experiences.

  5. Quinn says:

    Will .20 g craftman bbs brake my Jg 410fps ak

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