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While we were at the Magpul booth during Shot Show 2012 we were able to get an exclusive in-depth look at the all new PDR aka the Personal Defense Rifle from Magpul PTS. This amazing prototype AEG is in it’s final stages and is expected to be completed sometime this year. All in all, this AEG will be an awesome addition to the compact rifles that are already on the market now, but the PDR from Magpul PTS will set itself aside as one of the more functioning and sleeker-looking ones.

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8 Responses so far.

  1. Michael Prager says:

    I can’t wait for this gun to come out I am like super overly enjoyed in airsofting, I love bullpup style guns. it looks so cool to b able to stay compact in such a small space a lot easier to exchange mags quickly without having to hide back into cover

  2. Great look , Hope it performs as good as it looks. Want to test the gun out on the field, hope to purchase one soon. The reviews and feed back have been noting but good.

    • Michael Prager says:

      Magpul just keeps coming out with cool looking stuff when they think of something kinda more future type weaponry.

  3. Karl Vega says:

    It’s mid-August and they still haven’t released it. I’m dying.

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