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Introducing the RSSA

Airsoft retailers, distributors, manufacturers, and field owners met on January 15th in Las Vegas at SHOT Show 2014 to begin the formation of the Recreational Shooting Sports Association (RSSA). The RSSA, which would also include representatives from the air gun and paintball industries, would be an industry association that protects and promotes the recreational shooting sports industry. Unlike the Airsoft Safety Foundation (ASF), which preceded it, the RSSA will have a full time staff, ongoing funding, and lobbyists to work with all levels of government across the nation.

A working group led by Jay Snider, CEO of Airsoft Megastore, has been formed to finalize the incorporation, bylaws, memberships, and contributions of all participating industries. We will provide more updates on the formation of the RSSA as more progress is made!

Jay Snider
CEO, Airsoft Megastore

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  1. Bryce Paratore says:

    Is there a website currently up or being developed for the RSSA that I could circulate a link to?

  2. Matt Pearson says:

    In order to succeed you need to stop with the West Coast centric nonsense that other groups fell into. My advice is and always has been that your board be made up of the chairpersons of regional boards (say 5-7) who can look after geographic areas of the country. Regional boards are elected by participants in those regions. Get away from the “more money more say” paradigm it alienates people. My business may be 1,000th the size of yours but I will work to protect it every bit as hard as the big guys.

    Just my $.02

    Contact me if you desire.

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