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SB199 Update – February 5, 2014

We at Airsoft Megastore have noticed that currently there are a fair amount of misconception and misinformation regarding SB199. To better inform airsoft players, and to address these misconceptions, we have created this release that covers the industry’s fight against SB199 so far.

What does SB199 Do?
Removes the 6mm projectile exemption from existing replica firearm regulations.
As a result of the change, all airsoft weapons must be painted bright colors, or be made of transparent materials, in order to be legal for sale.

A committee of airsoft retailers, distributors, and manufacturers has been formed to combat the SB199 and SB1315 legislations. The committee has hired two lobbyists; one works in the LA County region to argue against SB1315, while the second is in Sacramento to combat SB199. On January 15th in Sacramento, the committee testified before the Public Safety Committee against SB199. In addition, committee members met with Senator Kevin de Leon and Councilmember Mitch Englander to discuss SB199. De Leon and Englander were open to discussion and changes regarding the bill.

There are also some misconceptions regarding the legislative process of SB199. To address that, we have created a simple outline of the process so far, and what will be done.

What has happened so far:

SB199 drafted by de Leon:
The bill was sent to the Public Safety Committee, where it was passed.
This is where the airsoft committee testified to register our opposition.
After passing the Public Safety Committee, SB199 moved on to the California Senate, where it passed as well.

What is next:

SB199 will be moved to the California Assembly for consideration by assembly members for passage, rejection, or amendments.
The airsoft committee will meet with legislators in the Assembly to educate them on the sport of airsoft and the potential impact of the bill.
The airsoft committee will continue to work with Senator de Leon to try to come to a positive agreement/understanding.
SB199 is not at Governor Brown’s desk yet, so currently any calls to voice opposition to the bill should still be directed to your representatives, not the governor’s office.

What can you do to help?
Contact your representatives and speak to them about why SB199 is a bad idea. Be respectful but firm in your talking points, some of which are listed below:
Mandating all airsoft weapons to be brightly colored would lead to consumer confusion. Airsoft weapons are not toys in the same category as Nerf guns or water guns, but the coloration would imply that.
Since firearms can be painted bright colors, the bill would create a dangerous environment for police officers who encounter colored firearms.
The solution is not coloration, but rather educating the owners of airsoft weapons on laws pertaining to airsoft and safety.
Airsoft is a far-reaching industry in California. Not only does it contribute an estimated $100 million to the California economy, it also supports the media industry which uses airsoft weapons in filming.
Veterans service organizations use airsoft as a way to treat PTSD in veterans, and aid them in their transition back to civilian life.
Emphasize to your friends and family who airsoft that airsoft guns are not toys.

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    I’m from Everett Washington but would still like to help. What could I do to support you guys seeing how I’m not a resident of California?

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